Sweary Scratch Map

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Track your F*#?ing World travels and discover swear words from around the globe. Scratch away at the censored top layer of foil with a coin to uncover colourful language - literally and figuratively. Check the key below to find out what each word means and impress / offend your friends with your newly-acquired creative cursing.

It’s perfect for anyone with a penchant for profanity as well as travel.

>Find out how to swear in every language
>Track your travels and learn some new sh*t

This addictive scratch map is the perfect way to make a note of everywhere you’ve been globetrotting. Simply get a coin and scratch away at all the countries you’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

Under each country is dozens of obscenities in that country’s language. Do you know how to say the c word in Spanish? Well, you will soon!

Learning a new language has never been this much f***ing fun!